Our Services

Windows serve an incredibly functional purpose, allowing sunlight and fresh air to enter a house, revitalizing the room and occupants inside. At the same time, they have quite an aesthetic function as well. Through window treatments, you can emphasize the beauty and tidiness of your home. Window treatments include curtains, drapery, and blinds. Through these items, you can control just how much sunlight or air enters your home, and secure the privacy of your occupants. We’ll create a treatment that’s customized to your liking!

House decor shopping can be exciting, but after days of running around stores, you can’t seem to find the piece that completes your home style. We understand the struggle to find the perfect item, and this is why we specialize in creating customized furnishings, such as our custom curtains. Our custom curtains are always made in a manner that best accentuates your personal tastes and constraints of your windows. We’ll work together to design, manufacture, and install the curtains you’ve always wanted.

When you want to add a little sophisticated style to your home, draperies are the way to go! Designed in a more formal manner compared to curtains, with linear patterns and a pleated heading, these window treatments offer a delicate touch of elegance. Through draperies, you can instill a sense of class without being overbearing, coupled with some flair without being too informal. They set a statement about the theme of your home, accentuating your windows and embracing your house’s overall design. We’ll create a set of draperies that help make your house your dream home!

Blinds are a form of window treatment specially designed for privacy. The easy opening and closing of the flaps with the pull of a string or switch of a handle allows you to control how much or little the outside world can see of your home. Though they serve a significant function, they can also make for a great house decor addition. We provide custom blinds that fit your style and privacy preference. From string blinds to shudders, we’ll design and create beautiful blinds that will give you a peace of mind!

In addition to our work with window treatments, we also provide re-upholstery of your furniture! We understand just how important it is to create a home that is decorated in a tidy and balanced manner. With our re-upholstery services, we’ll salvage your favorite furniture pieces to look and work like new! Whether you have a faded sofa or an antique recliner passed down from family, we can completely restore your furniture items. Our upholstery specialists are adept at working with any fabric and design, and will make sure your item is better than ever.